Storybook Trips Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions


Storybook Trips, Inc. will never sell, trade, or rent your information to others without your permission.

As part of the vacation planning process, some of your information will need to be provided to a vendor as part of the booking process. Basic information, such as email, address, phone number, etc. is collected during the initial planning process and that information remains with the agency in our
client database.  If you move forward and book your vacation with Storybook Trips, Inc., we will only share your information with the vendors that need the information as part of your vacation planning.

Personal information will be used to provide you with the travel information you have requested; to provide you with your travel notifications including travel documents, invoices, and options that may of interest to you; to communicate to you; to respond to your questions; to notify you about special offers; and to resolve any possible issues.   Should you decide not to book your vacation with Storybook Trips, Inc., we may save your name and basic contact information in our database.

For newsletter subscriptions, recipients can unsubscribe to the newsletter. Information on how to unsubscribe is included at the bottom of every newsletter.

Storybook Trips, Inc. reserves the right to update our policy in the future. The new policy will take effect immediately after posting on the website.  Your continued use of the website and/or acceptance of our email communications following the posting of changes to this privacy policy will constitute your acceptance of any and all changes.



STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC. and it’s Independent Contractors (herein “Travel Agency”) are acting as a mere agent for SUPPLIERS (identified on the accompanying documents) in selling travel-related services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by this Travel Agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, cruises, etc.).  Travel Agency, therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract, failure to comply with any laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or any intentional or negligent actions or omissions on the part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience or injury to travelers or travelers’ companions or group members.  

Unless the term “guaranteed” is specifically stated in writing on your tickets, invoice, or reservation itinerary, Travel Agency does not guarantee any of such supplier’s rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling, or handling of baggage or other personal effects.  Travelers have done due diligence, are aware of the quality of the hotel accommodations chosen, and agree that the Travel Agency will not be responsible if they are not satisfied.  

It is the responsibility of the Traveler to verify all names of traveling party, ages (dates of birth), travel package particulars are accurate.  Any error  to the travel package, (ie travelers names, ages, package components including and not limited to flight times if arranged by the Travel Agency) not reported within 24 hours of receiving email/written confirmation is the Traveler’s sole responsibility financially.

Risks, Cancellations and Insurance

Traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC.  from, any duty of checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety and security conditions of such destinations, during the length of the proposed travel.  It is the Traveler’s responsibility to have proper passports or government issued IDs where permitted.  Traveler acknowledges that beginning on October 1, 2021, it is the passenger’s responsibility to present a driver’s license or other form of identification that complies with the requirements of the Federal Real ID Act.  For information on the Federal Real ID Act, visit  For information concerning possible dangers at international destinations, access the Travel Advisory Section of the U.S. State Department,  For medical information, contact the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC),

STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC. shall not be responsible for any injuries, losses, damages in connection with terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, mechanical or structural integrity of air, sea, and ground transportation and accommodations, diseases, local laws, terrorists acts, bankruptcy or cessation of supplier or carrier services, climatic conditions, Acts of God, delays, changes or cancellation of travel due to weather conditions, hotel services, accidents or health related problems before or while in transit to (e.g., an accident on the way to a tour), during, and after a tour, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside of STORYBOOK TRIPS’ control.  


As the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic remains ongoing at this time, I acknowledge that for this reason, and other reasons not reasonably foreseeable at this time, these travel plans may be interrupted or cancelled by the supplier that is providing them, a government entity or other third party over which STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC. has no control. The Traveler further acknowledges that the supplier’s own cancellation, rebooking and refund policies, subject to any applicable law that is now or may later be in effect, will govern my rights and remedies, including my right to receive a refund, in such an event. Moreover, I understand that should I elect to purchase travel insurance, the terms of the policy will dictate whether, and to what extent, coverage for any financial loss may exist under the circumstances. By retaining a booking, reservation, or tickets, I hereby agree to hold STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC. harmless and release it from any and all liability for any damages, including but not limited to monetary losses, I may incur as a result of such interruption or cancellation of these travel plans. 

If travel plans are delayed or cancelled for any reason there will be no refunds issued by STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC.  There will be no refunds due to fear of travel from actual or threatened terrorists events.  There will be no refunds due to fear of travel from risk of exposure to an epidemic or pandemic.  

It is the traveler’s responsibility to protect their purchases and Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.  The traveler is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage. Information is available through this Travel Agency regarding travel insurance.  

Traveler’s retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance shall constitute consent to the above and an agreement on his/her part to convey the contents hereto to his/her travel companions or group members.  

By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected.  Traveler is hereby warned of the above risks as well as possible travel industry bankruptcies and medical and climatic disruptions, and the possibility traveler may be unable to travel as scheduled because of personal emergency.  

Nothing agreed to herein by the traveler is meant to interfere with the traveler’s legal rights against any carrier(s) or supplier(s) of services.  

The electronic signature/submission of this agreement applies to all people traveling together on the same reservation regardless of age or relationship.

Seller of Travel State Registrations

Registration as a Seller of Travel is NOT required in every state.  Storybook Trips, Inc. holds the following state registrations:

STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC. is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel.   Registration No. ST42514.

STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC. is registered with the State of California as a Seller of Travel.  Registration No. 2131307-40 .

STORYBOOK TRIPS, INC.  is registered with the State of Washington as a Seller of Travel.   Unified Business ID# 604528034.


Venue and Jurisdiction
Any claims made or controversies that arise out of or in relation to this agreement shall be brought solely and exclusively in the courts sitting in Isanti County, MN  Any lawsuit, action or proceeding with respect thereto shall only be brought in the Courts of Isanti, MN, and the Traveler and the Travel Agency hereby accept, generally and unconditionally, the jurisdiction of such Courts. The Traveler and the Travel Agency hereby irrevocably waive any objection, including any objection to the laying of venue or based on the grounds of forum non conveniens, which either of them may now or hereafter have to the bringing of any lawsuit, action or proceeding in such Courts.

Legal Attorneys Fees and Related Costs
The Traveler and the Travel Agency agree that if either of them institutes any proceeding or cause of action to interpret or enforce the terms of this agreement, then the losing party in such action will be responsible for paying the reasonable attorney’s fees, costs, and other expenses incurred by the prevailing party in instituting, prosecuting, and/or defending against such proceeding or cause of action.