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What Makes Our Team Special

Commitment to Training

We believe training is an essential part of being a travel professional.  Not only do you need to commit to initial training in the products and destinations you sell, but also training thoughout the year.  Our clients choose to do business with us because of our ongoing knowledge base, (they have access to Google as well).  We will also have annual on-site training at a Disney or other theme park destination which is always a commitment of your time and money, but  is an essential part of growing your business.

Client Focused

You need to be client focused.  Good communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential as a travel professional.  Your job is to not only meet your clients expectations, but to exceed them.  To be successful you will need to be able to communicate your recommendations and other important details in a variety of ways that are easy for clients to understand.


This is our agency hashtag.  This means we can accomplish much more together than we can alone.  Collectively we have more experience, knowledge, and resources than if we worked alone.  All of the team members at Storybook Trips brings a variety of knowledge, skills, and experience to the team which strengthens us.  While we each have our specialties, we better can serve our clients’ sharing our individual strengths with each other.  #BetterTogether also means we support each other through the challenges and celebrate with each other’s success.

Work Hard & Play Hard

Agents at Storybook Trips work very hard.  Often answering emails, texts, and miscellaneous questions well outside of  “office hours.”  As a result, we will Play Hard as well.  Our training and personal vacations are a mix of continually learning and unbelievably fun memories you can not get anywhere else – with a group of people that are the most awesome people on this planet!

If you can see yourself as part of a dynamic and supportive group of travel professionals, complete the Join Our Team Application today!